eBIKE75 offers manufacturers the ability to create their own lines of electric bikes or optimize the performance of their current e-bikes by developing customized products.


  • Customized vectorial controller. Aviation technology applied for the first time in this area to the world of cycling. The controller developed and patented by eBIKE75 is unique in the market, and offers a system management still not reached by any other manufacturer
  • Optimization of engine performance
  • Improved performance and management of the battery. With possibility of incorporating both own molds with IP67 and taylor made configuration and design. Our batteries operate under BMS developed by our engineers to ensure optimum performance of the energy management system
  • Evaluation and analysis of the performance of the manufacturer’s current systems
  • Training of specialized technical personnel

If you are a manufacturer of bicycles or other types of cycles (passenger, freight, distribution, etc.) and you want to find out about possible solutions we can offer please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We also design, develop and manufacture virtually one hundred percent of our components in Spain, with the logistical advantages and proximity that entails.